TOP 3: Canterbury spots

With summer not even around the corner but taunting us daily, I've been reminiscing on some of my all time favourite things to do when the warm weather does roll around.

After staying holed up at home or work all of winter, I seriously look forward to lying in the sun, coated in a layer of Bondi and 18+ layers of SPF- sunburn is one of my worst enemies.

My 3 favourite spots in Canterbury have made the list because they're easy to get to, they're of a noob skill level (aka me) and they're seriously gram worthy.


I've been a huge fan of this place since I was a kid, but recently my all time favourite day out has consisted of a blow up watermelon to float down the river, and a hefty packed picnic.

Approximately 1 hour drive from the city, the gorge is always packed with families enjoying the sun and the views. It's also right next to a camping ground- which totally isn't my forte´, but would be for some!



Taylors Mistake has been an all time favourite of mine since the day I could drive. I remember the DAY I got my full license I filled the car with people and made a trip of it. While I'm still so in love with the beach, the other side of the hill provides some incredible views and a really easy walk (until you do it in 28 degree heat and a nor wester.... do not recommend!)

30-40 minutes drive over the hills behind Sumner and super pet friendly too!



The day we found this I swear to god I wondered if this could have been the best kept secret in the region. Created over 80 MILLION years ago after a volcano did its thing, Washpen Falls is located on a current working farm. The website recommends leaving 2 hours for the trip and having a moderate fitness level but a) we took tonnes of photos and b) I am less than moderate.

It takes you through the beginning of a forest and then to a peak, where the views are simply incredible. The lovely man working the Visitor Centre down the bottom had plenty of tips and recommendations- the fresh spring water is something I'd pay over and over for. You do need to pay a fee ($10) to walk the track, and there are also other activities available (READ: GIANT SWING) but the walk itself is an experience of its own.

I hope I've given you a sense of excitement for the summer to come, I'd LOVE to hear other nearby places that you swear by!

Huge thanks to my fav featured people for taking me to these places and helping me fall in love with them:

@monique.currie | @mattboycee | @michaelpitty


Kas x

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