TO SUM IT UP | Bread and Circus


Christchurch has flipped itself sideways and turned into a living, breathing, roving CIRCUS.

If you’re not familiar, The World Buskers Festival is here again, with a new name, a new look and a handful of new acts.

It’s been amplified and reimagined to cater for all tastes and all ages over a 4 week spectacle, that began with a 10 day intensive schedule of free, hatted and ticketed events. With FIVE HUNDRED AND TWENTY SEVEN performances, and over double the amount of street performers, Christchurch is in the middle of a world class festival.

I have been SO fortunate to have partnered with Bread & Circus to bring you along and keep you up to date with some of the top headlining shows. With 6 under my belt and 2 more to go, I thought I’d fill you in so far and give you a little insight into what you should plan for your upcoming date night.



No, but seriously. Limbo is one of a kind. I’ve heard the word ‘spectacle’ a lot this week but here it is again. It’s a perfect recipe of buskers fun. You get sword swallowing, fire breathing, impressive hoop work and the most breathtakingly beautiful example of ‘how to look sexy on a fibreglass pole’. It’s the Mr Worldwide of the festival, and I couldn’t recommend it more.


This was literal art. And made me slightly dizzy. Probably a better show to take that person you know who gets cough easily offended cough and couldn’t stand something FUNNY, Leo could probably be housed in a museum of modern art. You watch on as he scales walls, lies on the floor and impresses with extreme ‘parkour’ on the right side of the stage, while the left side shows an inverted camera perspective of what’s right in front of you. Very clever and very confusing.


So cute, so funny and classic slapstick moves. Kaput has melted hearts everywhere and is the perfect ‘where the heck am I taking the kids today’ show. A clumsy comedian, Kaput is the light hearted show I needed on a mildly hungover Sunday afternoon.



If you have been living under a rock, like myself, you may have missed Piff on AGT. This show was SO hyped, which made me incredibly nervous because #noletdowns. I WAS NOT LET DOWN. I awkward cried, laugh cried, ugly cried and came so close to losing control of my bladder. I have never laughed so hard. Not to mention, he’s incredibly talented and I am STILL trying to work out the fish trick.


Okay. Deep breath. I won’t delve into this one too much, because it was a one night only type thing- and for good reason. HOLY. NASTY. It was hilariously inappropriate, full of expletives and some other body types I’ll keep to myself for the fact that I don’t know who reads these things. If this comes back next year, or you want a real shock, go watch Betty Grumble. Lol.

*note I also ran into one of my old school teachers on my way out of this one and if that isn’t embarrassing once you realise what you both just watched then idk what is :))



Oh my LORD. I had no idea what to expect. All we knew was we had to meet at the Arts Centre, wear black, red or white, and we should be dressed for both indoors and outdoors.

Feast of Fools quite literally blew me away (a Christchurch nor’wester had a lot to do with that). On arrival, we were given a gin & blueberry concoction, asked to choose a mask to serve as our ticket for the evening and then boarded the trams. En route to our ‘mystery destination’ (which has kept me up at night all week FYI) we were entertained by some of the festivals best street acts, The Daredevil Chicken duo and Coco Loco.

If you’ve been on the tram in Christchurch, you’ll know it doesn’t go far- basically a huge loop. WELL, WELL WELL. As we were approaching the Speigletent (a temporary Victorian circus tent installed for the festival) a series of ‘Oooh’ ‘ahhh’ ‘oh my goooooddddd’ (that one was me) took over the tram as we realised we were quite literally dining in the middle of the festival- right on the banks of the Avon River.

We WERE the show- and what a show it was. We were treated to a banquet consisting of all the good things- mashed potatoes DRIPPING in butter, roast meats, HUGE WHEELS OF BRIE, fancy kale salads AND PENELOPE THE PIG- who I am going to estimate was about 2m long.


Throughout the evening, The Daredevil Chicken duo kept us entertained (they excel at that) and we had a selection of street acts perform ON the dinner table. Quite literally- ON IT. The table was the stage and what a stage it was.

Following dessert (fancy Eton mess), a couple of drinks and a lot of laughs, we ended the night the only way that festival banquets should.

A popcorn & tortilla food fight and a bit of a boogie.

I could NOT recommend Feast of Fools more. It’s only a one hit wonder this festival but you betcha if it’s back next year you’ll be getting a refresh- and I hope I’ll see you across the table!



A cheeky take on the well-loved ‘Buskers Best Bits’ this 2 hour show rounds up all of the leftovers from the pitches. I’d chuck this on your list if you’re facing a little FOMO from missing the majority of street acts this week. You can buy tickets here.


So now that you’re overloaded with festi info, get out there and support it. Us Cantab’s BEGGED to have it again, so make sure you show them just why we wanted it.

In love and laughs,

Kas x

FOODKasia Stanicich