The Cosmetic Clinic: My Laser Experience

The idea of being hair free forever is something that would tempt many... especially lazy people like me!
About 9 months ago now, shortly after the opening of The Cosmetic Clinic in Westfield Riccarton I decided to, as they would say,
"ditch the razor for the lazer."
Best goddamn decision I have ever made.

I initially booked in for 6 sessions of laser hair removal on my underarms and brazilian (TMI? Nah) and started immediately. Intital thoughts were that the pain would overcome the want for baby smooth skin and I'd cry myself into an oblivion- but luckily I was proved very wrong.
My first consult was 100% painless, and I actually had to ask my technician if she'd even started...
At your first visit you'll be asked a list of questions and have to fill in a lot of paper work to make sure all bases are covered. The team is 100% about making sure the treatment is safe for you and your skin and check up on you every step of the way.

From here you go in to the Clinic roughly every 4 weeks, and you can get both areas treated at once, so the entire treatment can take anywhere from 6 months to just over a year.

In all honesty, I'd never even thought about laser before TCC arrived at the mall. It had never crossed my mind, and although I needed it, I'd never acted upon that (a recurring theme in my day- to- day life ha!)

However, the simplicity of TCC at Riccarton is crazy- they're located right at the side entrance so parking is a breeze, you can come in fresh faced and just out of bed without being spotted- and for me, I pop in just before work most times!

Treatments are easy and SUPER quick (mine take roughly 15 minutes each) and generally you're set up with the same technician for the course of your treatments. I will admit, as the hair gets finer and the growth slows, the laser does begin to get hotter on your skin- nothing more painful than waxing your hoo-ha though!
You'll receive some product recommendations including the Institut 'Laser Aid' which you'll need to use to calm the skin after treatment and you can use cold compresses to ease the heat off the skin.

Last week I had my final sessions, which totalled 8 on my underarms and 9 brazilians. From about the 3rd session I noticed MUCH smoother skin and finer hair growing at a slower rate. I'm hair free now- right in time for summer and I couldn't be happier! If coarse hair bothers you or you're just sick of removing it using other methods I highly recommend going in for a complimentary consultation at The Cosmetic Clinic. In addition if you mention my name at your first visit you will receive $25 towards your Laser or Skin treatment as part of their referral program!

Kas x

*this blog post is not sponsored*

BEAUTYKasia Stanicich