SKIN SERIES #2: Treatments

Image by Malia Rose Photographer

Image by Malia Rose Photographer

I so hope you’re following along, and enjoyed part 1 of this Skin Series xx

Part 2 takes us into the deep unknowns of the things I tried, the things that worked, and the stuff that.. not so much.

For full transparency, before you begin reading, I am a partner of The Cosmetic Clinic and I receive my facial treatments in return for sharing my full and honest experiences. This blog post is NOT sponsored. I began my skin journey at TCC long before this, however. In addition, I promise this entire series is honest opinions- however cannot promise what works for me will work for you. In light of that, I will not be naming the businesses/brands/clinics that I went to where my treatments didn’t work- it may work wonders for you.

*in no particular order



WHAT: A 10-step procedure to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin and assist with natural rejuvenation (also available in an express format). This promotes a more even skin tone, helps with collagen production and renewal of your skin.

WHERE: The Cosmetic Clinic

TIME: A microdermabrasion takes roughly 50 minutes (or 20 minutes for express)

HOW: The 10-steps include

  • Double Cleanse to prepare the skin

  • Skin Analysis under a light to determine sun damage, pigmentation etc

  • Exfoliation with a microdermal scrub to further deep clean and loosen dead cells

  • AHA/BHA mask & steam to soften pores, lift and loosen dead skin cells

  • Microdermabrasion to rid skin of toxins, encourage circulation, exfoliate and stimulate collagen

  • Extractions on any pimples, blackheads, etc with a sterile tool

  • Peel to stimulate and lift dead skin cells after the microdermabrasion

  • Eye Massage to assist with lymphatic drainage

  • Hydrate with recovery cream

  • Protect with SPF

WHY I CHOOSE THIS: I get 10-step micros every 4-weeks, however know friends who choose to do them every 6 months. There is no minimal time period, however I choose these frequently due to the huge volume of product I wear on my skin daily. The deep exfoliation allows my skin to breathe and targets the areas that get congested like the tops of my brows and my chin. My favourite part of the routine is the Microdermabrasion itself. Its like a small vacuum cleaner that they run over your skin and the results are sometimes horrifying. I’ve attached below a photo of a recent microdermabrasion- the ‘gunk’ is dead cells from the outer layer of my face.

THINGS TO BEAR IN MIND: Due to the nature of the treatment (removing an entire layer of dead skin) I find that I often experience a mild breakout 2-6 days post appointment. This is totally normal, and is just your skin ridding itself of toxins.

PRICE: $149 for a 10-step, $75 for an express.

DOES IT WORK: Yep. 100%. This is by far my favourite treatment and the results speak for themselves.

Images taken in August 2018 and February 2019.

Images taken in August 2018 and February 2019.


WHAT: An advanced treatment, designed to treat specific aesthetic skin concerns. The combination of micro-needling and radio frequency can be targeted to the clients certain skin needs. Some areas it can treat are loose or sagging skin, open pores, scarring, blemishes, stretch marks, fine lines and general redness or rosacea.

WHERE: The Cosmetic Clinic

TIME: I allow 60 minutes for a Fractional RF treatment- the timing depends on what you’re getting treated.

HOW: the Fractional Process involves a skin cleanse, a numbing cream and then the Fractional machine itself. The machine has a stamp with tiny micro-needles on the end, that once on your face, radiate heat via radio frequency to speed up your collagen production. Afterwards, the clinician protects your skin with a serum and you’re required to keep your skin clean from product for at least a day, ideally more.

WHY I CHOOSE THIS: As mentioned before, the scarring left behind from my teens is a major confidence knock for me. The team at TCC talked me through the process of Fractional, and how using the small needles to gently injure the scarred tissue means that new, healthy (& un-scarred!) collagen fills that spot. It also improves existing collagen and elastin. The added radio frequency means that the energy is penetrated deeper into the skin, working effectively.

THINGS TO BEAR IN MIND: This treatment requires consistent appointments. It’s a very low level of pain due to the numbing cream. This treatment also cannot be used on certain skin tones.

PRICE: $395 per session. TCC recommends 3-6 sessions depending on your needs. I did 3 of these in 2017.

DOES IT WORK: I noticed results after 3 sessions, yes, however I have since found treatments that work better to target scarring across my entire face, rather than specific sections. Fractional RF is incredible technology, however since I did these treatments TCC has introduced better and more effective options. Read on.


WHAT: A treatment fast becoming a favourite, derma-pen microneedling is a small device that quickly opens thousands of micro-channels using a small needling device. The device works quickly, meaning its over fast and large areas can be treated at once. Key benefits are collagen induction resulting in the reduction of open pores, scarring, blackheads, fine lines and other imperfections.

WHERE: The Cosmetic Clinic

TIME: I allow roughly 45 minutes for my face.

HOW: After a cleanse, an active serum is layered on your skin and the small device run over in paths to create tiny little holes all over your face. This increases not only the effectiveness of the serum, resulting in firmer and more hydrated skin, but improves collagen and elastin production to over time assist in cell renewal. After the needling, redness may occur. A recovery cream and specific SPF is applied to protect your skin.

WHY I CHOOSE THIS: This treatment gets results, FAST. I didn’t believe it at first, but I’ve attached some before and after images below that will help you see for yourself. It’s all over renewal versus more targeted options.

THINGS TO BEAR IN MIND: This is not the most pain-free treatment available. Now that I’m used to it, I’m totally fine with it but you may have a level of discomfort at your first few appointments. You also need to follow the aftercare religiously, try to avoid exercise and makeup for as long as possible (I wait at least 24 hours) and apply SPF, religiously.

PRICE: $299, or $249 for a prepay trio.

DOES IT WORK: YES. I can totally relate that it is a pricier option, but in conjunction with my microdermabrasion the results have been incredible.

Images taken in August 2018 and February 2019.

Images taken in August 2018 and February 2019.


WHAT: LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive treatment to target certain skin concerns.

WHERE: The Cosmetic Clinic

TIME: between 10 and 40 minutes.

HOW: LED lights are emitted into the skin, and depending on your skin needs, can either work on anti-ageing properties, acne or both. The blue light is known to kill acne causing bacteria, while red light enhances collagen and elastin production- resulting in clearer, more even and less textured skin tones.

WHY I CHOOSE THIS: I always add an LED treatment onto my skin treatments, to complement the certain aspect I’m targeting. For microneedling, I find my skin heals much faster too!

THINGS TO BEAR IN MIND: If you’re claustrophobic this may not be a treatment for you. TBH, I just fall asleep haha!

PRICE: $99 standalone, or $49 added onto a treatment.

DOES IT WORK: I have noticed incredible differences in the healing time following a microneedling appointment if I add LED onto my treatment. It’s not something photos can show you- but I can definitely get back into a normal skin/makeup routine quicker!


WOW information overload, right?

As you can tell- I am pretty invested in my skin. Well before TCC existed I was into microdermabrasion and well before I began working with them I had jumped aboard the train to get my skin back to it’s post-acne state. I know a lot of you will still be in different stages of your journey, or maybe you have a big event coming up (sssh wedding!!!) and you’re looking to improve your skin health.

Remember things take time, commitment and money- but you only get one skin! The team at TCC are well trained in many different treatments, and because it worked for me doesn’t mean it will work for you- so pop in for a free consult and chat to them about your journey.

Until the next one,
Kas xx

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