reading / watching / listening to. volume two.

MAMA MIA— here she goes again. After a hectic month (emotionally) I’ve had a dumb amount of time to consume media. My hours spent watching and listening have almost tripled and tbh, I’m totally fine with that. Lots of legit recommendations coming your way >> 


A noteable mention goes to every single podcast mentioned from volume one of this series. I’m up to date on every episode bar one. V good. 

The Quicky w Mamamia

I don’t know what it was about May- but I wanted to become more ‘worldly’. Maybe it was the impending doom of female body autonomy in the US, the state of Australian politics or the shit going on around us every. single. day— but alas the desire to learn is there and The Quicky is one hella easy way to do it. A quick wrap up of the Australian news cycle followed by an in-depth dive into whatever seems to be troubling the country. I’m patiently waiting for this one to be bought to NZ because I’m a bit over the number of Stuff notifications, but until then- this is a great way to catch up on our mates over the ditch.

Glow Journal w Gemma Watts

I’ve been a fan of Gemma since the beginning of time (that time beginning when I first found her on the www). She’s honest, authentic, factual and crazy passionate about education in an industry that is quite frequently materialistic. I’ve listened to a handful of Gemma’s episodes of Glow Journal, but this recommendation comes solely after listening to Jules Von Hep. If you do one thing today, make it listening to this episode (particularly from 35 minutes onwards). 



Killing Eve (TVNZ On Demand)

For full transparency, I am working with TVNZ this month to showcase Killing Eve. But for VERY. GOOD. REASON. Sandra Oh is my all time girl crush and after she left Grey’s Anatomy I was heartbroken. Well HECK. She’s back and better than ever. Killing Eve is absolutely phenomenal and the only thing I can fault about it is the fact that Season 3 isn’t up yet. *this isn’t sponsored

Dead To Me

OH MY LORD. Mum and I binged this entire series in one sitting. DTM follows the story of a middle aged woman who lost her husband to a hit and run. It’s a HOLY SHIT WHY AM I LAUGHING AT THIS comedy because it’ll make you cry whilst you wet yourself. I spent the whole first half transfixed on the special, somewhat intimate relationship between the two women and then it HIT ME (excuse the pun). If you enjoyed Afterlife, you will 100% enjoy this.

Get Out

Another GOODIE- to my surprise. I hate horror movies more than anything but something about this struck a chord. It handled topics like racism and even politics so thoughtfully but has you damn hooked right till the end. The way they played the characters out was insane and I’ve actually watched it 3 times now. Lol.



Admittedly, this section was titled ‘books & blogs’ on the last edition but I’m lazy and haven’t read much.


IMPORTANT. Highlights a bunch of shit that…. you should care about. From the recent happenings around the world, more things we can do to help and a little pop culture/wtf news, this gram has it all and is so delightful I made a new section JUST FOR IT.

SO enjoy that small binge. And eat some chocolate too- it’s YOM.

Lotsa love,

Kas x


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