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Seize the Yay w Sarah Holloway. 

Sarah’s guests are always fun loving, hard workers who have paved their way to fun. They’ve sacrificed, shimmied and sometimes even self-sabotaged their way to success, and their lives are better for it. This podcast is for you if you’re struggling to find your ‘yay’, and if you love a cute jingle. Particular episodes worth noting are those of Osher Günsberg, Eleanor Pendleton plus the duo of Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw. 

The Self Love Club w Bel Crawford.

Fact one: kiwis are killing it. Fact two: Bel has a beautiful way of highlighting fact one. The Self Love Club follows the journey (sometime confronting) of its guest (not always kiwis, I should add), and talks about the way these people perceive themselves. With some of her guests being household names and others still working out where their sit in the world, Bel covers it all. It’s a feel good, thought provoking show and I never leave without a new goal in mind. Particular episodes worth noting are those of Anna Reeve, Jazz Thornton, Dr Libby and my personal fav, Nikki Isemonger. 

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image source: pinterest

Shameless w Zara McDonald & Michelle Andrews. 

THESE TWO. I love a duo-poddy. I am going to be blunt- I really couldn’t stand the first few episodes I listened to. I didn’t understand the concept, and I didn’t understand the way these two work together and converse. Now that I do- I love it. A podcast for ‘smart women who love dumb stuff’, Zara and Michelle will have you in fits, tears and your heart beating a million all in the space of one episode. Its the news for people who REALLY don’t want to read the news. It’s worth noting that if you’re not a fan of listening to them break down current-events, their IN CONVERSATION episodes are just delightful. 



How To Get Away With Murder (Netflix, season 5 here)

If you’ve missed my love for this, you must have me on mute. HTGAWM came into my life unexpectedly while at a friends then all of a sudden all plans were cancelled and bed was the choice of location for the week. It’s clever, enticing and JUST long enough so that you don’t get bored. Written by the Greys Anatomy QUEEN (until she killed everyone off), Shonda Rhimes, it has you, your boyfriend, your mum and your cousin all on the edge of their seat.  I won’t tell you much more, I’ll ruin it. #wesforever

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image source: pinterest

After Life by Ricky Gervais (Netflix)

I watched this off a story recommendation from Kate Hawkesby with the hopes that it would be lighthearted and fun when it all seemed a little grey in NZ. Oh HECK. I bawled, almost wet myself and gasped in horror within about 16.5 seconds. Ricky is WILDLY talented. He handles a very honest, raw and confronting topic with his typical humour and leaves you with enough to think about, while remembering just how well you’ve got it. They’ve recently announced season 2- and I’m ready (so ready).

Source Code (Netflix)

*admits* I only watched this last night. But I’m pretty damn impressed. If you’re into science, don’t keep reading. If you are ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY by movies where people can ‘be suspended in time’ this ones for you. It’s almost a thriller, almost a drama and definitely an emotional rollercoaster.  


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image source: pinterest


The Girl on a Train by Paula Hawkins

YES. & before you point it out, I’m not slow. I’ve just probably read this 3 times. It’s a bloody great book and actually made for an alright movie. I personally really enjoyed trying to piece together an image, a scene, a story while reading it and boy oh boy, it’s a mind-fu**.  

It by Alexa Chung

Definitely not your usual novel, this ones a bit of lighthearted fun and I’m really enjoying it (not quite done). It’s a goodie for those gals a bit unsure of where life’s taking them, and gives a really good insight into the life of fashion.  

Poppy Deyes (

I love Pop (can I call her Pop??!). I love her outlook on life, her carefree approach to her blog and I genuinely get good vibes from everything she posts. She might be your usual UK influencer, but something about what she writes is OH. SO. REFRESHING.  

The Twenties Club (

This gal has a way with words. Not only that, but she’s got a knack for talking about topics that matter (like a lot) without boring you to tears. Her coverage of everything-that-is-currently-wrong-with-America, the Christchurch Shootings and giving midwives a voice are 3 things she’s done to earn major refresh and swipe up moments for me. Kudos to you, Madeleine Walker, I am very much ready for my next Sunday email. 

Sink your teeth into those babies. (& let me know what you think!!)


Kas x