If you’ve been round a bit, you’ll know that late last year Matt and I jumped on the #mealprepmonday train and LOVED it. You guys also loved following along and so I kept sharing until Christmas popped up and the only meal prep I was doing was slicing cheese and stacking crackers…

Well, now that January is over and February is here, I’ve taken a firm stance on regaining routine and MONEY SAVING, and a huge part of that is prepping my lunches.

Now- lets be clear. If you’re looking for healthy, low fat meals that have xx amount of macros, you’re in the wrong place. If you’re looking to feed a family of 6 under xx amount of dollars a week- also the wrong place, sorry! I simply spend too much money eating out, and if I haven’t prepared something can often accidentally skip lunch for the convenience of not interrupting the roll I’m on with emails, work etc. So between the two of us every Monday (or Sunday) we aim to shop with a rough budget in mind to prep 5 meals each that curb cravings and keep us accountable.



  • 10 Sistema 1 litre containers (or similar). We got ours from The Warehouse, but Countdown currently have them for $2 each

  • Small dip/topping containers. We got ours from Kmart and they were $3 for a 3 pack

  • If you choose to do snacks, smaller containers. Our rainbow ones are from Kmart and were $4 for a pack of 3

  • All of your general kitchen equipment

  • Fridge space


  • We aren’t doing this as a punishment (to lose weight or stop spending) so adding on the ‘finer things in life’ like guacamole means we get to enjoy it rather than dread eating prepared meals.

  • When we think of new ones to add to the rotation, we try and base it off our favourite dishes to order when eating out (hellooooo Mexican bowls!)

  • All of these meals keep for 4 days in the fridge. That’s why we aim to prep on Monday, so by Friday we are still in the green-zone

  • Chicken tastes SO much better when it’s shredded

  • Some things just need to be seperated. For example, I wrap my veges in baking paper so they don’t sit next to my rice and chicken for 4 days

  • Doing this in two’s (or more) is epic because you can alternate what you eat each day. Matt will get 2 mexican and 3 pesto etc and that way we don’t get bored of the meal by Friday


*I will add to these as we go. We’ve done about 5 so far but these are our two favourites

*Each meal preps 5 containers, so if you’re prepping alone, either pick one or halve two

*All prices are as at yesterday at Countdown. Obviously they vary

* All meals are able to be made cheaper with alternative ingredients. Choosing cheaper cuts of meat, seasonal vegetables and utilising home vege patches etc will be awesome options for those of you who are flatting or money conscious.



800g boneless, skinless chicken breasts ($11.48)

1 Old El Paso fajita seasoning ($1.99)

2 ripe avocado ($2.50)

1 red chilli ($1.00)

2 red onion ($2.08)

3 tomatoes ($1.26)

3 capsicum ($6.00)

1 lime ($2.91)

1 1/2c basmati rice ($2.80 for a kg)

Slice chicken breasts thinly and season with salt, pepper and half of the Ol El Paso Fajita mix. Pan fry until cooked through and then once cooled, shred using 2 forks.

Prepare rice as per packet instructions. We find one and a half cups of uncooked rice to be the perfect amount for 5 meals.

Combine avocados, 1/2 of a red onion (diced thinly), salt and the juice of half a lime to make up a quick guacamole. Add chilli if you dare. Divide into 5 small containers.

Thinly dice tomatoes (I personally remove the seeds so there is less juice) and add to another 1/2 red onion. Add chilli, coriander or garlic here, up to you! Divide into 5 small containers.

Slice capsicums and the other red onion into long strips. If you prefer, add them to a lightly oiled pan with the remaining fajita spice mix and fry. (Matt does this, I don’t).

Once all ingredients are cooled, add a base layer of rice to each container. Top with a handful of shredded chicken and the raw/cooked veges, a wedge of lime and the guac and salsa.

Total ingredients: $32.02

Per meal: $6.40



400g San Remo spiral pasta ($2.00 for 500g)

800g middle bacon ($8.99)

135g (roughly) pesto ($4.50)

120g baby leaf spinach ($2.79)

3 mushrooms ($0.99)

*optional: 100g feta (add $2.10)

Pan fry bacon and once cooled, chop roughly (note, we really love bacon and ate about 200g while making this so 800g is probably excessive hahaha)

Pan fry mushrooms and if you please, wilt the spinach in too.

Prepare pasta as per packet instructions. Once cooked, stir through pesto, bacon and spinach. Divide by 5 containers. Add crumbled feta (optional)

Total ingredients: $19.27

Per meal: $3.85


700g chicken ($9.05)

Teriyaki Stir Fry Sauce ($2.90)

1 1/2 cups basmati rice ($2.80 for a kg)

Baby Spinach ($3.99)

Telegraph cucumber ($2.99)

Small red onion ($1.06)

Carrot ($0.41)

Capsicum ($2.00)

Avocado ($1.75)

Shelled edamame beans ($4.00- I only used a quarter of a packet)

50g Salted peanuts, crushed ($0.75)

Japanese Kewpie Mayo 50g ($1.99)

Prepare rice and edamame as per packet instructions.

Dice chicken and pan fry, adding teriyaki chicken towards the end.

Assemble bowls, beginning with rice and spinach. Top with chicken, vegetables and peanuts. Add mayo and/or remaining teriyaki sauce to finish.

*we had SO many veges left over. Also can’t guarantee this will last 5 days in the fridge- we haven’t tried it yet!

Total ingredients: $33.69

Per meal: $6.73



- chop 4 carrots and half a celery bunch and divide by 5. include garlic hummus in a small pottle ($2.26ea)

- a small bunch of grapes and a plum (freeze your grapes, especially in summer!!) ($2.19ea)

Until next time, ENJOY!

Kas x