It’s time for a little self care..

As we all head back to work and either grab the bull by the horns or spend all day reminiscing on our summer, I thought it was a timely reminder of a few things you can do to initiate self care into your daily routine.  

Whether you’re at uni in 2019, rounding out the last year of high school, in a everyday job until you work it out or about to begin your career, it’s no secret that all of a sudden a work/life balance doesn’t exist. I’m not sure whether it’s the increasing presence of social media, technology developing and becoming more and more common, or just the way we were wired- we really struggle to turn off. 

I tried my hardest toward the end of 2018- switching off where possible but it was a losing battle and I soon decided it was causing me more harm than good.  

So in 2019, rather than working to perfect my work/life balance, I’m working on incorporating self care into every day of my routine- where possible.  

The last week has been a little hectic for me and yesterday got a bit much. Even after a little refresh and a social break, I was still feeling overwhelmed. Today’s the total opposite, I’m sitting on the beach with my best friends, in the sun, about to order fish & chips. I SHOULD be doing my taxes, but that can wait- and so can a lot of things you do too.

So as a bit of a collaborative blog post, here’s a few ways we pause to take a minute for ourselves- from small mid-lunch moments to full blown days of self lovin ♡  



- paint your nails

theres nothing like fresh nails! whether you get them done, for some quiet time without a device in hand- or paint them yourself.  

-  tidy your room 

CAN NOT RELATE, but I can see how this works for some. having an organised space always leads to a clearer mind.  

- go to the gym

ALSO, CAN NOT RELATE. unless I’m angry-stressed, this doesn’t necessarily help me but I do see how it works for the fit ones.  

- meditate (headspace app)  

a fav of many already I am sure. I know a lot of people can’t do it, but if you’re okay with a bit of serious quiet and a strange voice talking to you- it’s a game changer.

- candles in your room

GLASSHOUSE TAAHA enough said.  

- listening to white noise 

theres a playlist on Spotify that plays nature sounds for you. especially for an hour before bed, this gives you enough time to wind down before a new day.

- go for a walk

can 100% vouch for this especially if you live near a beach. my personal favourite combo is a long drive with a podcast on loud to a quiet beach I can walk along by myself. if you’ve got a pup, bring them. they’re the bestest friend. 

- listen to music

we all can agree that an upbeat DISNEY playlist is never going to fail to remind you of the best things in life. nostalgia has a way of refreshing your mind and resetting what you prioritise.

- go plane watching

MY ALL TIME FAV! there are a few people in my life that can immediately tell when something is wrong because they can see me on snapmaps at the airport haha!! it’s so refreshing, and really makes me think about how large the world is and how much room I still have to grow.

- pamper yourself  

face masks, a long bath, exfoliate and remove all the shit from your life. spend a good hour or two doing everything that makes you feel fresh and new.  

- watch a movie in bed

A FUNNY ONE. no dying dogs, no action thrillers and ABSOLUTELY NO A Star Is Born!!! The general consensus on the beach today was that Sex in the City is the best for this.

 - a beauty treatment 

my number one is most definitely eyelash extensions. I started these for my New Year holiday and haven’t stopped because a) they cut out 15 mins of getting ready time in the AM (work smarter not harder) and b) they give me a good hour of relaxing where I can’t. do. anything.

- write a list  

this ones my last but most certainly not least. all of my recent self-care has been stress induced, because I’ve committed to too much, too fast. I’ve started writing lists before bed of all the things I need to get done, in order of importance. it helps to clear my mind right before bed so I’m not running a million miles an hour while counting those damn sheep. 

Babes, remember you are literally the only one who can do what you do. You’re incredibly individual and important to your journey- so please make sure you look after yourself on the way.

Nothing is constantly blooming, everything is seasonal. The sun will always set & continue to rise.

You got this xx