Feeling meh? Yeah, same.

First of all, be aware I'm not an astrologist, I barely read a horoscope and if I do I'll take it with a grain of salt.
Every now and then I'll jump over to Miss FQ and check their words of wisdom for the month, rarely does it come true but I do believe I have the classic 'Sagittarius' traits (apart from the fact that one strange site repeatedly tells me to go backpacking through South America... ahhhh k!)
But THIS month, this month *rolls eyes*, something has been well off. After a not so subtle hint from my pal @aleexdevries, I've established I could be victim to the 'Mercury Retrograde'.

WHAT IS THIS HUFFLE?! I know right...

'Simply' put (with a lot of not so simple help from a billion websites about stars and the universe which is again, NOT simple) the Mercury Retrograde is when Mercury, the planet, appears to move out of its happy place in the sky. The planet doesn't actually move- but science.

Being the holy god (or planet) of communication, travel, thinking & truth this can mean EVERYTHING to some people, or literally nothing to others. The period throws your body and mind around and makes it a lil wacky (read: me) but it can also help you re-think things from the past, or make those final crunching decisions about your future.

For me, I'm normally very routine based and forward thinking, but this last few weeks I've been feeling stuck and empty. A little irritable now and then but mostly frustrated that nothing seems to work for me, even if to everyone else I seem to be moving smoothly.

But like everything, it's not all bad. Take this time to rethink things and look at the bigger picture. Be open to new perspectives and don't act on things too quickly.

Again, I'm no astrolololgistst, but I'm gonna blame this month on Mercury.


FYI: the current Retrograde is August 12- September 5, 2017 and the next (in my birth month... joy) is from December 3- December 22, 2017.
If you'd like to read a beautifully worded explanation on this I'd recommend checking out Gala Darling.

In love (& planets and stars that will hopefully align for you come September 6th),

Kas x

*photos credit to Pinterest