If the heading didn’t capture your attention, I hope this will.


Every day, in New Zealand, 9 women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer. They’re mums, sisters, daughters, friends, colleagues, wives & girlfriends. Even with a statistic that alarming, research has found that SIXTY percent of us don’t know the signs.. beyond just a lump.

Gayle Brinkenhoff was one of those 9, and as a result of chemotherapy treatment, lost her hair, lashes and brows. So, her husband (lets call him Dr. B because, well, that’s his name) an ophthalmologist with extensive medical and chemistry knowledge, created a growth serum that was incredibly groundbreaking (and the first of its kind). 13 years on and there’s women (and men!) everywhere using RevitaLash to enhance their lashes and brows.

I’ve been on the RevitaLash bandwagon (a bandwagon I very much enjoy!!) since early June 2019 and even with a mild lack-of-consistency that I can only blame on who I am as a person, I have noticed incredible results! RevitaLash is the only lash serum I have tried that doesn’t irritate my eyes (I am a contact lens wearer) and because you apply it directly to the lash, rather than the lid, I haven’t suffered from any discolouration on my lash line either. Yes, that’s a thing.

I personally opt to use it in the mornings, as I am the kind of person who hits the pillow pretty quick at night and doesn’t want it to go to waste on my bedding.. and also reach for their mascara when I am wearing glam makeup! It’s a flash dual ended beauty, and covers all the bases- pigment, conditioning and length. With a combination of those two products, my lashes are growing thicker & thicker by the day! I personally prefer thickness over length and after dabbling in the odd lash extension earlier this year it’s been amazing getting some of that back!


Now, boobs.
Every day of the year (yes, all 365 of them) RevitaLash donates a percentage of EVERY single product they sell back to Breast Cancer initiatives world wide. But in October they step it up a notch. Limited edition PINK products are now available (both RevitaLash and RevitaBrow) and for every one sold, RevitaLash NZ will donate a one month supply to Look Good Feel Better NZ- to help women and men going through cancer treatment. *CAN I HAVE A ROUND OF APPLAUSE*

But wait there’s more, for every PINK product sold worldwide, RevitaLash will donate $2USD to a variety of charities around the globe too. So you know your lashes will look good and you’re doing your bit for women (and men) everywhere.


So, here’s your to-do list:

1) Check your boobs.

Touch, look and check them monthly. Regardless of your age or risk, its important we all know (and understand) the signs beyond a lump. Skin like orange peel, unusual uncomfort or pain, a change in shape or anything strange in the nipple department are worth chatting to your GP about.

2) Tell your friends to check their boobs.

My friend group has a new chat dedicated to this stuff (a happy accident). We’re all for up to date smear tests, knowing your moles and checking your girls.

3) Tell your family to check their boobs.

As above- women over 45 in NZ are eligible for free mammograms, so get the ladies in your life in there. While you’re chatting to them, educate yourself on any family history with Breast Cancer so you are aware.

4) Pick up a RevitaLash product this October

and know you’re doing your bit (and your lashes will thank you for it- how good is that!)

In love, lashes, brows & boobs,

Kas x

*this blog post and the information provided was supported by RevitaLash NZ however is not sponsored

BEAUTYKasia Stanicich