APP HAPPY -- the iPhone apps you need

In May 2019, I spent an average of too many hours on my phone per day.

Like, way too many.

BUT, it’s not all bad. For someone whose phone never leaves their side, I’ve accumulated a fair few apps that I REALLY love. The obvious- Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube etc have been left off this list because I am actually quite unsure if I like them… but the remainder stand true. They are a bunch of goodies and I can’t wait to share them with.. you (I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it). Arrogant.

Let’s go >>


GMAIL/GOOGLE CALENDAR- the key to the unorganised organised mess that is my life. These two sync so well and mean that any agreed meetings are automatically added to my calendar and COLOUR CODED. I am such a visual person, so being able to look directly at a month in my life and see when I get to jet-off based on colour is epic.

TIMELY- if you own a salon/small biz (particularly beauty) I couldn’t recommend this more. This app is the definition of work smarter not harder and has totally changed my freelance game.

WAVE APPS- ditto to the above! SUPER simple invoicing. LIKE SO EASY.

DOCUSIGN- DocuSign will be a very specific app to people who are frequently signing/sending contracts or agreements. It lets you sign electronically and send a finished copy to all recipients.

GOOGLE DRIVE- a go-to for my business. I upload all of my accounts, major files and important things to Google Drive so I can access them anywhere. Super safe and secure I also use this on holiday when I’m working from a device that isn’t mine!

DROPBOX- similar to Google Drive, I use DropBox to share imagery with clients and brand partners. All my folders are labelled (beautifully) and everything is so easy for me to access via my phone or laptop. I upgraded to the second plan and so have 2TB of storage! DropBox also has a really wonderful scanning feature so you can turn a photograph into a scanned file if you don’t have the tools at home.


WESTPAC CASH NAV- the BEST for travel. If you’re a Westpac customer make sure you have this downloaded and sync’ed to your bank accounts when you’re overseas. It notifies you immediately when you’ve made a purchase so is useful to tell you exactly how much your $2.50USD coffee was in NZD, and is also helpful if you’re feeling weary of scammers. I picked up on a travel scam in less than 15 seconds with this app (and saved myself a LOT of stress). You can also use this for its main purpose (seeing where you spend your money and minimising it) but meh, alternative uses for the win.

AIR NZ- goes without saying that this app is my go-to for travel but I also really love that I can keep my AirPoints card on it electronically! Every time I shop at New World or fill up at Z I’m earning points toward a trip up North to see my besties.

UBER/LYFT/OLA- depending on where you’re travelling, having multiple ride share apps will save you a fortune. I use Uber/Lyft over in the US and Uber/Ola here in NZ. Double check your fare between them and you’ll almost always see a difference.

ROMER- my GO-TO for when I’m in a new place. Romer is like the Tinder of things to do, so you can swipe your little heart out in a foreign city and find what the locals would recommend. You can then save, investigate or add your own experience and make the most out of your time (away from the tourist traps!)

AA SMARTFUEL- HUGE money saver. If Z isn’t having an AirPoints deal then I fill up at BP and use my AA SmartFuel card. You earn on every fill and either save (accumulate) or spend (discount) your cents off. I tend to save and then wait until I have a whopping 0.30c off and she’s a beauty.


LIGHTROOM- I think this beauty goes without saying! I use Lightroom to edit all of my imagery- and have created my own presets in collaboration with Mack Dewar so you can edit a) easy and b) easy. If you’re confused, Lightroom is similar to VSCO and presets are similar to filters. The Lightroom app itself is free, and then you can purchase my presets here (plus, use ‘APP at checkout and you’ll save yourself some $$). Lightroom has given my feed a crazy amount of consistency and means that I can make myself look like I *somewhat* know what I’m doing.

UNFOLD- I had a huge *A HA* moment when I finally worked out what this elusive app was that everyone was using (then I felt like an idiot because it’s literally written on the slides lol). Unfold is an awesome app that lets you collage, collate and display multiple photos in an IG friendly format. They’re constantly updating the app too so you’ll never run out of ones to use.

STORYLUXE- very similar to Unfold but with a bit more consistency, these are the apps I have used for this blog post!

FILMM- a new love child of my all time girl crush, Zoe Sugg. The one thing I am gutted about is how Lightroom doesn’t let you edit videos, so Filmm has been my saving grace! The free version is pretty limited (and it’s quite expenny to upgrade) but if you’re serious about the look and feel of your video content it may just be worth it. You can filter/overlay lots of different options and also use it to trim/crop/adjust the video itself.

PINTEREST- a given. I’ve only just recently become Pinterest obsessed and it’s almost unhealthy. I’ve redone all my boards, streamlined the style and it’s SO FUN. I just love Pinterest for its constant content and how much it inspires me when I’m feeling a little.. bleh.


SPOTIFY- this one’s probably a firm fav in most of your phones BUT did you know you can listen to podcasts on it too?! I didn’t- and I’m so grateful I do now, because the Apple Podcasts app is terrible. This one is so much easier to digest and you can queue your picks for the commute into work. I love the ‘unplayed’ section and the way it does everything in chronological order (which for some reason Apple can’t and it is beyond me).

QUARTZ BRIEF- I should use this much more frequently but if I’m honest it still needs to be better (aka much more NZ) but Quartz Brief gives you a very brief (wow, shocking) look into what’s happening across the globe via an iMessage style system. You simply open the app each time to a ‘Good Morning’ text and then choose options on what you want to hear more about and what you couldn’t give two ticks on. I’d SO love for Stuff or a similar news source to get amongst because as a millennial/gen z’er, the quicker I consume info, the better.

CO-STAR- ha ha.. the best for last! I am THAT person and I’m mildly obsessed with my horoscope and all things around it. Weirdly though, I don’t actually thing a Sagittarius represents me (I’m a huge homebody and hate change) however this app is SO crazy accurate it hurts. You can find your chart all the way down to the minute you were born, and then add friends so you can check compatibility and flick them a text when their moon is out of whack, or something. It’s a bit of light-hearted fun, don’t come for me.

Well, that should keep you occupied for the other half of 2019 (because ICYMI we are almost half way and I for one, am shitting it).

I’d love to hear about your must-have apps, I didn’t get a 128GB for nothing.

Kas xx