Actually nailing 'no-makeup makeup'

Without 17 products.

You're like, "whaaaaaaaaat??"

Recently I was lucky enough to be treated to a lash & brow makeover at The Pamper Bar, in Sumner.

I went in with the assumption that the two treatments I'd be getting were probably going to last me a week MAX. I was proved SOO so wrong, thankfully!!

The Pamper Bar offers a full lash and brow experience, including lash extensions, microblading, regular shaping and tinting and incredible offers for new clients.

I was treated to HENNA BROWS & a LASH LIFT.

First off, I've only EVER had my lashes and brows done in the *cough* stalls *cough* at the mall *cringes* so it was incredibly warm and welcoming in their studio compared to what I'm used to... lol.

All up the pair of treatments took 1 hour and were super pain free.

The HENNA BROW consists of a wax, tweeze, shape and tint. Henna tinting is super effective at also tinting the skin to ensure a really long wearing tint (you'll see my results soon) and is more suited to sensitive skins. The lovely Briar got my brow shape PERFECT and I'm already excited to go back for another session. Being in the job I'm in, my brows are super important but I HATE doing them, and would normally just chuck some brow gel in and leave the house. The skin tint lasted me just over a week, and meant I've only JUST had to start defining the tail of my brow in the last few days, cutting about 8-10 minutes off my makeup each day!

The LASH LIFT consists of a tint and lift. Briar applied two different 'potions' to my lashes, then adhered them to a plastic pad that was on my eyelid to permanently curl them back and up. Honestly, I was SHOOK (I swore I would never say that, then I watched one too many Nikkie Tutorials...) but the combination of jet black lashes and the CURL I got was insane. The solution continues to curl them for a day or two, so you'll see in the photos below that they actually get better over time! I've now resorted to a super simple eye makeup for day to day and it cuts my get-ready time in HALF!

*please note I had been using Flash eyelash serum approximately 2 months before my session so I do have a few long lashes left in there.

All in all, I'm seriously impressed and really excited to go back. The girls recommended I book in approximately once every 2 months, depending on how long my lashes and brows require.

The below four photos show my progress over the last TWO WEEKS.

- the day of

- next day with makeup (clear brow gel and MAC extended play mascara)

- 5 days later (clear brow gel)

- yesterday, so 12 days post treatment

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 10.34.45 pm.png

WHO: The Pamper Bar

WHERE: Nayland St, Sumner

HOW: book online

$$: between $45-119 depending on which service (s) you're after.

Love, and happy curly lashes,

Kas x

*this blog post is not sponsored, however I was lucky enough to receive my treatment as a brand ambassador for The Pamper Bars new Tan Bar

BEAUTYKasia Stanicich