a sneaker love affair x

Matt & I have been on and on at each other this month because we did the unthinkable. We bought matching shoes.... TO BE FAIR, I wanted them first. I went and tried them on first, I voiced my love for them first.. but he got them first (my size was out of stock lol).

We both bought Nike Air Force 1’s. Not a new release or anything too exciting but we’re currently ARGUING over who gets to wear them when we are within 10 metres of each other #goals.  

A staple in my autumn wardrobe, I’ve had a white pair of sneakers since before I even started this blog (and probably before sneaks were acceptable but I was doing it anyway #uncool). After having to CONSTANTLY wash my previous favourites (Supergas) I gave in and added these to my collection. The leather upper means they’re easy to wipe down when the dreaded dirt gets to them and *slightly* safer to wear out to a party in the park. 

Sneakers are the BEST shoe ever- you can pair them with jeans, a skirt, dress or shorts. They’re possibly the only shoe I can wear ALL day, and these babies are slightly elevated to make them even comfier. WIN.

I’ve paired them here with a classic grey tee and the best pair of blue jeans I own.



*top, jeans and sunglasses were gifted to me

*images by Malia Rose Photographer