A night at Valley Views- Kurow’s best kept secret x


Okay SO I have absolutely zero idea how myself, or anyone in my closest circle has NO clue this place existed. I mean, I don’t drive through Kurow often (or ever) but I’ve been through Omarama too many times to count- and this place is so bloody beautiful it’s no shock I found it semi via Instagram, semi via word of mouth (from a Dunners stunner).  


Valley Views Glamping is situated 3.5hrs from Christchurch, in the Waitaki Valley. They boast 2 lotus belle tents, 2 eco-lodges and 3 new and super unique, geodesic dome tents- or as we like to call it, the igloo. 

These vary in size, but all have really basic amenities (aka a HUGE bed) and the remainder of what you’ll need is in a shared eco-lodge a few metres away. HERE is my favourite part. We got running, hot water, a proper shower, a proper toilet, a proper basin, a full kitchen, *minimal* power (but that’s all we needed) and a cute little dining area- which really speaks to my hates camping nature. They’ve also installed 2 sets of rustic baths in the middle of the forest, for the perfect sunrise/sunset moment. All of this is solar powered, making it still an experience, but a warm, clean and easy one. I reckon that this is where VV differs HUGELY from other Glamping sites we have been to/heard of. Their lodge is purpose built, well thought out and provides a luxurious place to spend your day, should you choose too. Rather than a throw together bathroom for the people staying the night, Amber and Patrick have thought of everything, and even provided us with hefty power banks to charge our devices for another day on the road.


We arrived not long after 4pm, got settled in (marvelled at the view a little- a lot) and headed to the lodge for a home cooked, 3 course meal that we pre-booked. Amber and Patrick put together a cheeseboard, bought over a roast chicken with all the trimmings and we finished with cheesecake- because more cheese, obviously.. haha! It was by far the easiest way to dine, and we got to chat to some of the other guests too! 


After dinner, we (quite literally) jolted down to the baths to soak in the last bit of daylight before we jumped into bed for sunset. The baths are SO cute- and fenced off so you have your own wee private area with a view. We’re now in our huge bed, watching the sunrise after a *bloody blissful* nights sleep under the stars, if I do say so myself. 


We head up for breakfast soon- all prepared by Patrick- and won’t be saying bye for long. I’m already prepping a mid week getaway when life gets frantic again.  

(I should mention, because it’s 2019, that none of this was sponsored, gifted, collab’ed etc. I know good service when I see it- hence the honest and lengthy review. Valley Views rates are SUPER reasonable and I’d highly encourage you check it out here.)  


In love & glamping, 

Kas x  


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