a few of my favourite things — march 2019.


As you can see, I am going through a *bit of a phase*. Two blog posts, two days?! WHO IS SHE.  

I thought, after a lot of hard hitting and slightly heavy content with my skin journey as of late, a few light hearted tid-bits should be thrown in for good measure, and there’s NOTHING more fun than a few items I’ve been loving as of the last 30 something days. 

I will try to keep this one up and get you a new edition monthly- but I try to do a lot of things.  

Enjoy X


 Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Davana Cologne

This was #gifted to me on a recent trip to the ELC HQ up in Auckland, and as my first JML fragrance I can FINALLY understand the hype. And the hype, the hype is REAL. This beauty has fast become my ‘special scent’ and is whipped out for dates, fancy evenings or the all important— family dinners. You know, where everyone from your 8 year old niece to your 75 year old pops tells you how divine you smell?! JML fragrance is high-end luxury for a reason, and this reason should secure it in your *treat yoself* list for 2019. Long wearing, luxe looking fragrance for the kiwi lady. 

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base

Ooosh. We had a love hate relationship. This was recommended to me by a shop assistant while overseas in LA. HER SKIN WAS FLAWLESS and I needed aboard that boat. I searched high, low, Orange County, Santa Clarita and the inbetweens, duty-free and the suchlike before settling on buying it at Riccarton Farmers where everyone else does (and clearly the message hadn’t made its way to NZ yet). Admittedly, on my first try, I was like hon what have I done? UNTIL- I was #influenced. Everyone and their dog started talking about it here in NZ so I caved and gave it another go. I’m now proudly on my second tub and there’s a resident one tucked away in my freelance kit too. This primer/moisturiser in one is packed full of Shea Butter, Vitamin D, C & E and conveniently done in an oil free formula, which makes it super versatile under prettymuchanything. 

Tom Ford Lip Colour in Gal

I am 100% aware there’s an ELC trend going on here— but I worked there for so long I am mildly biased and certainly in love. Tom Ford lips are LUXE. There’s no better way to put it. They’re so creamy, rich and the packaging is *swoon*. These babies are the perfect introduction to the brand and still pack a lot of punch. They’re also the best handbag pal- in such a small, carry friendly size.  (should note, also #gifted).

Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops

HA HA HA you thought I wouldn’t talk about it. THIS IS MY TOP PRODUCT OF 2018— and to be honest, unless something miraculous comes out of the beauty industry, it’ll be a front runner for 2019, too. I don’t even have a photo of it because my THIRD tube is a trashy fingerprint ridden mess. This serum is a must-have, regardless of beauty level, skill or #ducksgiven. Which is exactly why I love it so much. It’s easy to use, does exactly what it says and in my opinion, is reasonably priced. It’s designed to protect your skin from pollutants  (thanks to the marula oil- a Drunk Elephant fav- and Vitamin F), and deliver an ‘effortless glow’. I can’t do a day without it. Whether you mix it with your favourite base product (I recommend MAC Strobe Cream or La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF) and leave it at that or choose to then top it with your foundation of choice- it makes the world of difference. Skin 101: get this. 

 Real Techniques Setting Brush

I am a firm advocate for you are only as good as your tools  so I’ve searched high and low for tools that are GOOD but at a nice (not ouch) price. Real Techniques has been a solid lead on this hunt for a while now, but an honouraty mention goes to their recent re-vamp, which takes them from #highschoolcool to #chicfashun. They’ve *finally* gotten rid of the odd black tails on their brushes and replaced them with a nooooice new look. I pick mine up from iHerb, but Boohoo stocks them too. Don’t buy them instore, silly, #markups. The top fav and has been for a while is their Setting Brush, which (strangely enough) is designed to set under your eyes. It does a fanflabbintastic job of that, but works well for highlighter, crease colour, precision blush application and all over powder. She’s a goodie. And she’s cheap (as long as you don’t buy in store, lol). 


As always my opinions are that exactly- opinions. I highly recommend you do your research elsewhere too, and am always open to helping you find what works for you. DM ME YA BABES. 


Kas ♡