A fresh start

Hello and WELCOME!

Welcome to 2019, a year of 365 fresh starts, a year of making your move, a year for you!
and WELCOME, to a fresh, new, KASIASTANICICH.com!

I am so so excited to share this with you, after months of planning and WEEKS of minor mishaps, we are finally here!

As I hit approximately October last year, I realised my cup wasn’t quite full. I was a bit ‘meh’ about a lot of stuff and one thing that really hit me was my ‘outlet’ that I started- my blog- wasn’t ‘me’.

So here we go- fresh, new and MUCH, MUCH more me.

With gorgeous branding from Designed By Rosa and a lot of help from Becky Jenkins, my first 2019 labour of love is here.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and as we slowly update it with all of my old school blog posts, plus add more stuff you wanna see, I hope you’ll follow along. If you’re on here with a burning desire to find one of my old blog posts that hasn’t transferred over yet, please visit kasiastanicich.wordpress.com to find it x

If you’ve got any burning requests of things you’d LOVE to see this year, please fill out this fancy lil CONTACT form that I spent ages trying to create- mainly because I need someone to test it for me, and also because I have so many emails to reply to already so what’s another few.

In flash new websites and lotsa lotsa love,

Kas x

PS. Enjoy a wee summary of my summer since we last spoke xx

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