I do not give a f**k.


The saying is true, it’s truer than true; if you stop giving a f**k about things (like this not rhyming) then you’ll have more time to spend enjoying life.

I’ve recently spent a LOT of time on aeroplanes. More time than I would like, actually. However, it’s given me precious off-grid time to spend reading books and thinking about life. And one of those books that I decided to read (again) was Sarah Knight’s “The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k.”

Now- if you are my mother (or God help me, my grandmother..) or someone else who is also offended by the word f**k- please stop reading.

Since the first time I read this book, lots has changed. I feel (maybe I am wrong) like I have a lot more shit in my life that I need to stop giving a f**k about- and I know I won’t stop until I write it down and become accountable for it. So here goes.

A 8-point list of things I need to stop giving a f**k about:


Now, I’m not implying I will shave my head to save time in the morning and stop showering, but I do need to spend less time worrying what other people think about my appearance. I’m actually reasonably good at this- I think. I used to squeal at the thought of leaving the house sans-makeup, even before it was my job. Now I’m so invested in my skin I feel much more comfortable as I am, so I’m pledging to stop putting layers on my face when I need to go to the shops. That being said, I think it’s vitally important that you spend SOME time each day making yourself feel good- and makeup does that for me. So I pledge to wear less when I want to and.. more when I want to too.


This is a biggie for me, and something I preach to others but rarely take into account myself. I NEED to stop caring where I am at compared to others. I can be a CEO at 20 or I can be a CEO at 85. It won’t matter because when it’s my time, it’ll be my time. Even in the smaller scheme of things, I struggle with if I should still be living at home, if I should be thinking about getting married (NOBODY STRESS I’M IN NO HURRY) or if my business is progressing quickly enough.


Now.. some people HATE money talk. I am not one of those people. I’m super open with $$, and was frequently the ‘savings advisor’ in high school. I must admit, I was quite the queen. Late last year I quit my full time job to focus on my passion. It was a BIG step, because it meant leaving a stable, well-paying job (that I was also doing alongside my makeup work) to ‘hope and pray’ that it took off enough to make me some dollaaaa. I’ll tell you now, it was a massive struggle for the first few months, but it just meant adjusting what I was spending money on and when I spent it. Easy shit right?? I now have so much more time for family and friends, and get SO much more joy out of each day. So even if it does mean sacrificing some really nice things, it’s worth it- in my opinion.


This actually never used to be something that stressed me out until I started using my instagram for more than what most people would. I then started dropping MEGA BUCKS on items that I would wear once (READ: ONCE) because they made me look and seem ‘cool’. Now, I’m not bagging on anyone that enjoys splurging on designer items, because I spend half my wage on makeup most weeks, I’m just saying it’s something I’m getting sick of doing and so I need to stop giving a f**k about it personally. Some of my all time favourite items of clothing have been cheapies that you guys have RAVED about. House of G till I die Xx


This point, unlike the former, is directed at the insane amount of makeup I have bought just because ‘I MUST HAVE IT’. That’s so damn ridiculous and is costing me a fortune- in money and in storage. Did you know, I’ve had to DOUBLE the storage in my makeup studio since January 2017. How dumb. I solemnly swear to stop buying stupid new releases that I know I won’t use- out with the blue glitter and in with every illuminating moisturiser I can find.


Wowza- apologies if I’m about to offend you here, but the next person that automatically feels sorry for me when I tell them that Matt lives in LA… *eye roll*. I know it’s difficult, I’ve lived it the past 2 years. You don’t need to tell me that’s an expensive relationship to have, I’ve paid the credit card off. I’m aware it’s going to be challenging when we finally live together, I’ve thought about it before. But more importantly I know you’re just trying to be nice, I however already know and don’t need the sympathy. I get so many epic opportunities because of it and that’s the kinda positives I need to focus on. Yep cool #TYSM.



My mum will love this point- she named me Kasia because she liked the name. She didn’t name me kahsea, cassia, casia, kassia or kaz. It’s my name, and it’s a HUGE part of me (duh) so I’m focusing on correcting people- politely- but it’s time I stop letting people get it wrong because once you start you can not stop. (FYI, it’s Kas-EE-AH)

and finally..


Wow, there are some NASTY lil bitches out there huh? 2 years ago I started an Instagram account solely dedicated to all things makeup-related. I actually did it out of consideration for my guy friends, because I knew none of them would want me to flood their feeds with clients faces and recommendations. Almost immediately after, I had a very nasty person (actually not a girl, believe it or not) who did anything he could to get under my skin in the most sarcastic way possible. I blocked him, and it felt BLOODY AMAZING. For a while, there’d been nothing that I was aware of that’d push me enough to retaliate. But the world spins, and as more exciting things happen, more nasties come out to play. A recent one initially got to me (bad) until I realised that a) that person has never met me and never will, and b) they’re a small fish in a big ocean. I’m so lucky, I travel the world, eat delicious food and am surrounded by incredible people. I rarely feel hard-done-by or let down, and I’m in a really good place. And I’m dead set that that’s exactly what she wants in life. As Molly put it the other week- “they don’t hate what you’re doing, they just hate that it’s you doing it”. So I’m out here promising to myself that I need to stop giving a f**k about people like her, because for the day that I spent moping about that, I could have devoured another delicious French toast and spent a day doing exactly what I love.


Shit, I feel so much lighter even writing those down.

I highly encourage you to stop giving a f**k when you need and want to. Your ‘no f**ks given’ points ought to differ to mine, naturally- but always make sure whatever you stop giving a f**k about doesn’t hurt anyone else’s feelings in the process.

In love and life with more time for things you DO give a f**k about,

Kas xx