21 promises to my 21 year old self

As this morning ticked over another year in my books, I’m sitting in bed doing this HUGE reflection on the year that’s been and the year that is to come.

I’ve never been a huge fan of New Years. It’s just a made up excuse to drink lots and spend money on festivals, holidays and fireworks. I love the concept of going away with friends/family- but that’s just Summer. There’s nothing weirder to me than waiting for the clock to click over into a New Year. What actually changes?

So, being a December baby, I’ve always taken my chance on my birthday. A chance to reflect and reevaluate- but I do try to do this every day.

My 20th year has been a big one in terms of self- I’ve learnt a lot about me and I believe I’ve changed a lot as a person. Some good, some not so good. It’s been an ‘experimental’ year and I can’t wait to settle on some things and say sayonara to the rest.

With that, here’s 21 promises I’m making to myself, for my 21st birthday.

Thanks for being on this crazy ride with me- I can’t tell you how appreciative I am. ♡

1. I promise to accept change- to adapt when needed.

2. I promise to never forget how fragile life really is. To hug my family & friends tight and to be aware of our ticking clocks.

3. I promise to spend more time by myself. To allow myself to sit in my true self and develop as a person.

4. I promise to take a supplement every day. No cheating. Feed your body from within.

5. I promise to do better with keeping in contact with overseas friends and family. Just a message every now and then makes all the difference.

6. I promise to prioritise sleep.

7. I promise to speak my truth as long as it’s constructive versus critical.

8. I promise to continue to develop my thoughts on huge world issues- politics, global problems etc.

9. I promise to put more work into this platform- to speak from my heart more and to share more of what makes me tick.

10. I promise to stop shrinking myself back for someone else’s comfort. I am who I am and I will stop making myself small.

11. I promise to *try* to keep my headspace clear by keeping my surroundings tidy. This promise may or may not extend to the state of my bedroom on the daily, but I promise to try lol.

12. I promise to keep more in contact with my parents. To flick them texts when I’m out of town or to catch up for coffee when it’s been a mad week.

13. I promise to forgive myself when I’ve had to learn. Learning is the only thing that’s teaches, and some mountains just need to be climbed.

14. I promise to do something, give something, offer time to people who do good sh** at least once a month. To give beyond myself and my immediate circle.

15. I promise to better myself in my career. To continue to develop my skills and help others develop theirs.

16. I promise to act on business ideas- again- without fear of judgement.

17. I promise I’ll travel. At least once a quarter. Get out of my four walls and allow myself time to grow.

18. I promise to continually work to ensure my phone isn’t my life. To slowly bring down my screen time and focus more on what’s ahead.

19. I promise to compliment people who make me feel like magic- no more silent lovers.

20. I promise to practice gratitude every single day. To not get caught up in the more more more. To stop and be thankful for 3 small things.

21. I promise to spend 2019 working on myself. On my TRUE SELF. The kind of person I am when I’m pulled back from everything. ME ♡ the best best version.

In love, birthdays and incredible times,

Kas xxx

*all images thanks to the incredibly talented Reuben Looi (@reubenlooi). The cover image of this post has been edited by me.