2018 on a plate

As my second to last (YES, there's still one more!!) post this year, I thought I'd round up what was quite possibly the best part of 2018: food.

I collated all the images of food I have in my camera roll (over 175... whoops) and picked my TOP 5 to share with you. I ate a LOT in 2018. So much so that mid way through I took evasive action and started meal planning to hopefully detract from yet ANOTHER lunch meeting. But alas, that lasted all of 3 weeks and I was back into it on the regular.

Call it my guilty pleasure if you will, as my mum said, it could be worse.


The top 5 dishes in Christchurch of 2018:

1. Mexicano's Fried Chicken. (which I embarrassingly do not have an individual photo of lol)

IS THIS EVEN A QUESTION. If I could list my usual Mexicanos spread as a dish, I would (for ref: guac/salsa/chips, potato skins, fried chicken and a pulled pork taco) however I'm on strict instructions from myself to just pick ONE. I'm not sure what I love more, the chicken or the sauce. THE SAUCE. Amazing- to die for. 150% would recommend.


2. Amazonita's Beef Pappardelle.

I have never ever ever said this about a dish, I say it about fast food all the time but I CRAVE this. I don't even really like beef- but GOD. It's the perfect mix of pasta, sauce and the most tender meat ever. If you find yourself on the Terrace this summer- I promise you it's a winner.


3. Unknown Chapter's Avocado Bruschetta.

If I got through a whole list of food I like and missed one with avo on it the millennials would come for me. This one's DELISH. With Edamame, Feta, Pesto and added prosciutto OF COURSE, it's so yummy and extremely filling. I always omit the eggs because yuck, and the tomatoes get shoved to the side because yuck x2, but I would highly recommend this if you're an avo lover.


4. Costa Taverna's MEGA Souvlaki Platter.

The regular ones good too- but anything done large is done right. With 'mouthwatering' meat (so cliche but so true) and toasted pita, accompanied by a fresh green salad and your choice of beige carb (I recommend the fries ofc) it leaves you all you'll need to make your own Souvlaki. If you're me, you'll eat it all bit by bit and get so full you can't finish it- so so worth it. Good, hearty Greek food made with lots of ♡.


5. Miro's Sweet Waffles.

Okay admittedly I actually preferred their original savoury waffles- but they're lucky I love the sweet so much that I add bacon and all of a sudden it's magic. ALWAYS ADD BACON. These are super fluffy yet crispy, have the EXACT right ratio of toppings:waffle and always come with epic service which gives them an extra 2 thumbs up from me. The building is also super pretty and has a cute peach wall that you may or may not have seen absolutely everywhere.

So there you have it, my 2018 on a plate.

I'm hungry asf now, off to make cheese toasties because #saving

In love & delicious food,

Kas xx

FOODKasia Stanicich